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Welcome to The Poetry Corner

Hi! I am Sister Janet and I would like to share what The Lord Has Given to me through these poems. I trust that you are comfortable and open to hearing from God. God speaks to us in so many different ways. Sometimes it is through the storms of life in which we actually take time to listen, to be quiet within and to hear His still small voice. So why not open your heart and hear what He Wants to Say to you today?  

His Word is our foundation. He Wants us to hide His Word in our heart. Think about it… God Wants to hide in your heart! He Says never Will I Leave you nor Forsake you. My Dear one, you are not alone!

God Has Given you The Great Comforter, The Holy Spirit; Jesus told us that God will send His Holy Spirit, and The Spirit of God is there waiting for you! 

I challenge you to take a few moments... to quiet the noise around you and within you; to listen quietly to The Voice Of God, to invite Him in and know that He Can Move mountains. Throughout the storms of life it is easy to fall victim to our own feelings and emotions. These poetry verses are written from The Spirit, by His Spirit, to let us know that He Is The One Who Will Heal our brokenness, and Lead us to His peace, His Grace, His Mercy and His Love. All we have to do is to trust in Him. Sometimes we make it harder than it needs to be, but He Makes it easy. 

Throughout the valleys and storms of my life I have felt the Awesome Presence Of God. I have learned that emotions come and go like the wind, however it is only in The Presence Of God that we find Rest, Peace , Comfort, and yes... Joy! Even in the dark valleys of our life we will see Him!

So come... Rest in His Word and see The Handwriting Of God Written on your heart; Blessings from Him for Your Life. In His Presence Is Fullness Of Joy! It is the place to be!! May God Bless you with His Presence this day and forever more! 

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