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New Believers

                             Welcome New Believers
                        To The Family Of GOD!

    As you begin your Journey as a new Believer, you will find that you have found a New Family, and together, we will help each other to stay on the Right Road. This Road leads us to Eternal Life in Paradise with GOD! Assuming that you have accepted JESUS Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, and that you are ready for The Ride of your Lifetime, let’s continue now with The Lord. You will go Higher than any drug (or drink) can get you, and you will have more Peace than you could ever imagine. The Reason that this will happen is because you will be Bathing in The Love Of GOD in The Arms Of Almighty GOD Himself!

  Welcome New Brothers and Sisters,
         To The Kingdom Of Love!!

In the sections below you will find tools to help you grow In JESUS. We hope that each section will have something in it to help you grow in Hope and in Faith, and and help you to Walk closer to Him! Always remember...

   JESUS Loves You, and so do we!

In the morning I wake early before the dawn and if I look just at the right time, I see the sun coming up over the horizon. Someday I will look and see The Son Of GOD Coming over the horizon and The Glory Cloud around Him! It is a grand thought I have as I stare out at the sky! I feel His Presence in the early morning as I wander quietly through the house.
Sometimes I know the Lord wants to Speak something to me, and other times I sit quietly in His Presence. I like it most when I sit outside on our porch and listen to the awakening of nature. The minutes slip quickly by and life starts to stir. The phone rings, my husband gets up and the day is on its way. I pray that The SPIRIT Leads me through the day, but only in the quiet mornings do I hear clearly.
Some mornings I search the Scriptures to see where GOD Will Lead for an article I will write, or I read The Word for awhile. I Love the mornings; I jump out of bed with delight and anticipation each day. Some mornings I have my own Communion Service in my private place in our office. I used to Dance in Worship almost every morning, but my body has not been in the greatest shape lately. I play Worship music low (so as not to wake my husband), but I am encouraged to Dance in Worship sometimes. When The HOLY SPIRIT Calls, I come!
Clearly a new day is coming, and I know it will be fine; the day is filled with The Glory Of GOD. People meeting people and birds are singing, and we, GODs Children, are the ones to spread His Love to the entire world. Soon it is time to get dressed and move into the day, but there’s nothing like the morning, where the quiet brings in GODs Presence, and all is at Peace. Praise YESHUA Adonai!

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