In This Changing World

We are living in times of change; we go to bed at night and the next morning something has changed in this world! Wars and rumors of wars; people we know are gone and living life in a dark and evil world mostly of hate and destruction make me wonder if Satan has unleashed more of his demons on us!

Now, yes in my home there stays peace and rest but if I stick my head out I encounter the darkness, temptation and evil people trying to pull me down. Carefully I choose my friends and those who I hang with. Daily I pray for my loved ones and friends to keep them from harm and the attack of the evil ones.

The Scripture that comes to mind is Isaiah 60: 1-5a

“Arise and Shine (Yerushalayim), for your Light has come, The Glory of Adonai has Risen over you. For although darkness covers the earth and thick darkness the peoples; on You, Adonai will Arise; over you will be seen His Glory. Nations will go toward your Light and kings towards your Shinning Splendor. Raise your eyes and look around: they are all assembling and coming to you; your son’s are coming from afar off, your daughter’s being carried on their nurses’ hips. Then you will see and be Radiant” (Complete Jewish Bible)

In this time, I have never needed more prayer or been more tempted but surely my GOD is with me, He will not let my foot slip!  GOD is my Help in time of trouble and Everlasting Refuge! When I Pray to Him, He Hears and Answers! “The wicked flee when no one pursues them; but The Righteous, like lions, feel sure of themselves.” (Proverbs 28:1)

Keep our eyes on You, Adonai, and never look another way, it leads to destruction. Keep me content where I am though sometimes it feels lonely here and insignificant. You Alone make my life worthwhile and Your Strength is my Hope! “Christ in me, the very Hope of Glory”.

“I will yet Trust You though You slay me.” For I know I can Praise You no matter what comes my way in life. When the darkness encompasses me, you are still my Light and will never let go of me because You have sealed me with Your Signet Ring!

Now I wait for The Glorious Day I go Home to You and no more sickness, no more pain, nor temptations. For You are my Hiding Place in time of trouble.” I will run to You, I will run as a deer pants for the water brook, I thirst for You.” Keep me Whole and Righteous my King so I can come with no remorse nor shame to You on That Day!

Until then, I will Praise You in Your Holiness and Honor Your Holy Name, Y H V H, The Name above all names. I will sing Praise unto You and Worship You in all the ways You have shown to me because we are each individuals! You Made us like that, and You Love us each separately and yet Corporately and that is how we Worship You, singularly and corporately.

In Your Presence, JosieAnna

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