Our GOD is Gracious in All His Ways

We come, one by one, to our Destiny with Messiah Y’shua, as He Calls!

We eagerly run to Him or we stay back. Be sure He will Call again, what will your choice be? Mercy is there for you till One Wakeful Day, so reach out and take it now!

Luke 1:7-8  “Because of GOD’S tender Mercy, The morning Light from Heaven is about to break upon us, to give Light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to Guide us to The Path of Peace (Shalom).

Once you come in, Grace Abounds from The Throne! His Graciousness unspeakable and each time we stumble on our path, Grace is there again. When sin abounds, Grace abounds even more so! This is The Love of GOD toward us!

Once He becomes you’re All and All and The Spirit Flows, you grow even more deeply in Love with Him. Deep Calls to Deep and Joy enters in so Wonderfully that you know His Grace is Forever with you where ever you go!

Still, as Paul, we sometimes do what we do not want to, and don’t do what we know we should. Then Grace Walks in again and Mercy abounds where Love is found.

Time goes by and we get closer to The Goal, not yet Perfected but we realize that won’t come till we’re Home. A Sign comes to us once again, and we renew our hearts to stay the Course and don’t look back.

Even so, we know Grace Abounds and we must go on till the end.

The Scripture comes to mind; Psalms 27: 4-5  “One thing that I seek after, that I may dwell in The House of The Lord all the days of my life and to see The Beauty of The Lord and inquire in His Temple. For in time of trouble; He will hide me in His Pavilion in the Secret of His Tabernacle He will Hide me and set me upon a Rock.”

Now I know He will never go from me and that I may dwell in The House of the Lord because He Restores my soul. He will keep me safely in The Shelter of His Holy Place… in the Shadow of His Wings. I need not Fear!

Our Perfection is only in Y’shua as He Stands before us with His Great Sacrifice of His Blood that took away our sins. Grace and Mercy does abound in our lives until we’re Home to stay with our Messiah and Worship Him with songs of Deliverance and Praises to our GOD!

Glory to His Name Forever and Ever!

Looking back, it was all worth The Path I had to take and the falls I did make for before me lies Glory and Righteousness and Peace! Oh, if I had missed it, how sad I would be, to be Forever with Messiah and my family who came before me and after me too, to our Home in His Kingdom and The Love in His Eyes to see.

In His Presence, JosieAnna

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