Come To The Call

This is the day made Memorable by Y.H.V.H.  what immense Joy for us! 5/19/2012

I will wait upon Yeshua till He Speaks!

Yes, He has given us so many days to Rejoice and be glad but time is come that it will be hard to Rejoice in, as His Word says time is coming of Great Trouble, like we have never seen before!

Then He will separate the goat Nations from the sheep Nations and the goats from the sheep, another-words, His Own from them who are not His!

Then is not time to change, just look back with shame and wished we had done GOD’S Will! We have followed satin’s ways instead of GOD’S! Maybe not blatantly but you have ignored Him and gone your own way. So before it is too late and soon it will be; Follow after GOD’S Laws and turn your head toward Him and see the Love He has for you and Love Him back! All He wants of you is to Love Him with all your heart and in turn spend time with Him and follow His Commands!

Yeshua is The Greatest Teacher (Rabbi) that ever walked the earth. Most of His Teachings are in The New Testament. In The Old Testament men heard Y.H.V.H.’s (GOD’S) Voice, loud and clear and He told them what to write through the Prophets and other men of GOD! Knowing His Word, The One GOD, (The Shema Israel, The Lord GOD is One GOD) is how we know what He wants of us! If we do not know His Word, then how are we taught, by The Holy Spirit also? Yes, Both hidden in your heart at all times.

Now with all that said, are we Walking The Walk with Yeshua and Talking The Talk every day of the week not  just one or two days but each and every day? Are we in church or synagogue to meet people and have recreation? Are we spending our day talking to our Yeshua, GOD! Earnestly sharing Him with others, about Him and how short our time is? We cannot share unless we are one of His, because His Spirit would not be in us! No one come unless The Spirit Calls!

I look around at our Country first and it is in bad shape as far following GOD’S Commandments go! We are heading toward Judgment and GOD’S Covering is off America. Only those who are in His Will, He Covers, but we will still have hard times and it may even shake our Faith if we are not grounded in Him!

A Word I recently got from GOD was, “Fear Not” and My Grace is a Protection for you as well as a Covering for your sins” Then another Word a few moths ago, “what is come is upon us”! I have known for years that there will be Places of Refuge for His people through out the U.S., those who have them know that already.

There is a few Scriptures that come to me during this time, one is: Isaiah 31: 11 “He shall feed His flock like a Shepherd, He shall gather the lambs in His Arms, He shall carry them in His Bosom and gentle Lead those that are with young.”

Another Scripture is: Isaiah 26:3 “Thou doest keep him in Perfect Peace whose mind is stayed on Thee, because he Trust in Thee.” and another is in Psalms 27:5 “For in time of trouble He shall Hide me in His Pavilion: in the secret of His Tabernacle shall He Hide me; He shall set me upon a Rock!”

Enter into His Holy Place and God will show you where your heart is before it is too late repent of your wicked ways and turn to GOD! Then He will Cover you in the days ahead! He will show you The Way and Truth and Life if you come to Him, don’t hesitate for time are of an essence.

Psalms 139:23-24  “Search me, O GOD, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts, see if there be any wicked way in me, and Lead me to The Way Everlasting.”

I feel GOD Weeping for people, for the many who do not know Him! I am sad too, He has Wept for me at times but now I am on the Right Path and I want that for you!

“We have all sinned and fall short of GOD’S Glory” but GOD has make a Way for us through His Son Yeshua!

He Sweat His Blood and Water for us, He gave up His Throne in Heaven for us and Suffered Greatly! He was The Ultimate Sacrifice. The Lamb Who took away the sins of the world! Have Mercy on us, O God!

His Life was Pure, He was GOD yet Man and He never sinned! His Scared Blood made our Atonement for ever today and yesterday and now!

Finally, Bow Down and Honor Him as our Messiah and King of our life!

Praise Him as our Adonai, Lord of all who Come to The Call! AweMean!

In Yeshua, JosieAnna

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