As Powers Of Good

As Powers Of Good so Wonderfully Hide us,
we face the future boldly, come what may;
at dawn or dusk our GOD Is Still Beside us,
To Whom we trust, completely, each new day.

Yet still old torments cause consternation;
through days of fear and grief we have despaired.
O, Give our tortured souls, Lord, Your Salvation:
The Healing You Have Promised And Prepared.

Then Offer us the cup of desolation,
brimfull of bitterness, and we will stand
and drink with Thanks, in spite of trepidation,
from such a dearly Loved And Gracious Hand.

Yet should You Bring us back to Share the gladness
of this bright world, Your Sunshine breaking through,
we would remember times of pain and sadness
and offer up the whole of Life to You.

As evening falls, the candles we have lighted
will point us through the darkness to Your Light;
we long to be with Loved ones, reunited;
we know Your Love Outshines the darkest night.
As silence deepens, Let us hear the chorus
that harmonizes earth’s discordant days,
poured out from the unseen that lies before us:
Your Children’s soaring song of endless Praise.

By Powers Of Good So Faithfully Surrounded,
Secure And Comforted in spite of fear,
we Live each day With You Lord, unconfounded,
and go With You to meet the coming year.

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