As Now Thy Children Lowly Kneel

As now Thy Children lowly kneel,
And all for Mercy pray,
O FATHER, Make us truly feel
The solemn words we say.

Teach us to hate the power of sin,
Which parts our souls from Thee;
Help us to make our Life within
What Thou Wilt Love to See.

Teach us to trust The Lamb Of GOD,
Who Takes our sins away;
Help us to choose The Path He Trod,
And so Thy Will obey.

Teach us to keep Thy Holy Laws
Because we trust Thy Love;
Help us to Rise, when JESUS Draws
To Better Joys above.

O Teach us more our sins to fear
And more Thy Word to Love:
Help us on earth the cross to bear
And win The Crown Above.

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