Above Yon Clear Blue Sky

Above yon clear blue sky,
Beyond our feeble sight,
The GOD Of Glory dwells on high
In everlasting Light.
Around His glorious throne
The holy angels stand;
In songs of praise their King they own,
Or fly at His command.

And we may praise Him, too,
And serve Him here below;
He stoops to mark what children do,
Their inmost thoughts to know;
And though He reigns above,
Where angels ceaseless praise,
He will accept our humble Love,
And lead us in His ways.

O may we humbly seek
To do His Holy Will,
And try, with thankful hearts and meek,
To sing His praises still;
And then for JESUS’ sake,
Who came for us to die,
Our happy Spirits He will take
To praise Him in the sky.

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