A Wedding Took Place

A wedding took place in the village of Cana,
And Jesus, His mother, and followers all came.
The wine was exhausted, and Mary informed Him,
“They have no more wine, this would surely bring shame.”
“Dear woman,” He answered, “why do you involve Me?
My time to be recognized has not yet come.”
His mother then said to the servants there waiting,
“Whatever He tells you, now let it be done.”

Six water jars stood there for ritual washing,
Each holding then full twenty gallons or more.
He said to the servants, “Now fill them with water.”
They filled them brimful; there was no room for more.
Then Jesus instructed, “Take some to the master.”
The water had turned into wine none knew how.
On tasting, the master exclaimed in amazement,
“The choicest and best wine you have saved until now!”

When Jesus turned water to wine there in Cana,
This was the first miracle He’d ever done.
His glory He thus did reveal to the people,
And as a result, His disciples were won.
Lord, may I be like them, believing You fully.
And like the stone water jars may I ever be,
Filled up to the brim with Your transforming Spirit.
Reveal now Your glory to others through me.

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