A Tiny Child

A promise spoken in the beginning
A prophet’s words in the night
An angel’s message to a young lady
A brilliant star in the sky
Who would be coming?
How were they knowing?
What’s it all about?
Why was He coming?
Where was He going?
When will they all find out?
A tiny child (tiny child)!
Almighty God (mighty God)!
A tiny child!
An almighty God!

A lonely village, a lowly carpenter
No proper shelter in sight
Their room a stable, manger a cradle
Angelic hosts on high

Repeat Chorus

A little baby boy, the hope of peace and joy
A tiny beacon of light
Divine creator becomes creation
His holy promise of life


He came to people (the Son of man), born of the people (became a man)
So that the people could be free (so that we could see)
He lived with people (He blessed their lives), He blessed the people (He broke through time)
The people nailed Him to a tree (they crucified Him)

A tiny child (a tiny little child)!
Almighty God (an awesome, an almighty God, tiny little baby)!
A tiny child!
An almighty God (almighty)!
A tiny child (a tiny child)!
Almighty God (an awesome, an almighty God)!
A tiny child (almighty God)!
Almighty, almighty God

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