Let Freedom Ring!

This morning as I was sitting in my living room praying for our Country and then Israel and for our Leaders who will soon come, who ever that may be. I thought about the wonder of freedom and what our Soldiers fought for through the Centuries, for our Country and other Countries and a Holy Hush came over me about our Freedom which we are about to loose if the same Regime stays in Office in our own Country! I see our Gallant Soldiers fighting in other Countries for Freedom while here in America it is being taken away.

The question is why is this happening? GOD Has Given us a Chance time after time but no change in our Land! We continue to go farther and farther from GODLY Ways and turn from Him and not toward Him but away. Oh yes, we have a few here and there wiling to follow Him and His Commands and The Bible but most make excuses for their idolatry! Most going on lying to ourselves and our fellow men that this is a different time and place and we do not have to follow GOD’S Ways any longer!

This is why GOD has taken His Protection off this our Country, America, and it saddens me to think this is happening. I am sure it saddens GOD too! One Nation Under GOD, The Land of The Free and The Home of The Brave! A Judeo-Christian Nation, no more so says our President but how can we let him stand there so boldly and say that when that is in our Constitution? What would it take to turn this Country around and go toward GOD instead away? Then and only then would GOD Raise His Mighty Hand against our enemies and put His Covering over America again!

One more thing, Israel is the Apple of GOD’S Eyes and if we go against Israel, GOD goes against us; it is just the way it is! So, what chance have we now, how we have been treating Israel and by the way, their GOD is our GOD, He is The GOD of America, The GOD our forefathers fought for and came to America so they could Worship Him here Freely! If that’s not what you wanted then you should have not come to America or if you did come and you worshipped differently, keep it to yourself because here is The GOD of Abram, Isaac and Jacob and of The Bible, It’s come from The Torah, which is for The Jews, by The Jews, and to The Jews! And by the way, Jesus was a Jew! Yeshua is His Name, The Son of GOD and Creator of all that is and was and is to be, need I say more? Now, do you want Him on your side or some strange god who can do nothing for you, who did not make you or did not make the Universe that we live? The GOD I want is sitting in The Heaven lies right now over seeing this entire disgusting World He made, especially America who has gone her own way! His Mighty Hand is off her now!

A Word to His Remnant; and you alone know who you are! You Love The GOD of Moses and the Prophets and you Love His Commandments and Love His Son and His Holy Spirit! You long to Follow His Ways and Words, you Worship Him and Him Alone! You call on The Holy One of Israel for Help in time of trouble and you Trust in GOD for everything! Let me tell you, you will have Tribulation but He has Overcame The World and you too will be Overcome’s! He will set you on High, upon a Rock and Protect you!

Tell others of your GOD, Fear Not! Because the more that Come to Him and Love Him the World will change! Love GOD with all your heart, soul and mind and Love your neighbor as yourself! Show them The GOD you have is Love and Mercy and He is full of Grace! His Word is Truth and Peace to your soul!

GOD will never Bless America again unless it turns back to Him!

Nor will He Bless us unless we Love His People, the Jews, Israel and His Land! Turn now from your wicked ways and Believe on Yeshua before it is too late!

Ezekiel 33:29 “When I have ruined the land because of their sins, then they shall know that I Am The Lord!”

In His Presence, JosieAnna

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