End Times


I have not been called to study the events of the End Times.

 Although I have my opinions concerning the events, I am not

 called to discuss that, but rather to tell you what God wants

 all of us to keep our minds and hearts on during these eventful


 Jesus said that no one knows the times, and church scholars

 don’t agree on what order the events will occur, but one thing

 is clear throughout the Bible and in the heart of God.

 He wants to have a personal relationship with us that will see

 us through whatever events occur. It is becoming more and more

 of a concern that we can’t believe anyone. Untruth and evil

 are gaining ground. The father of lies, Satan, is becoming stronger,

 and more and more people are deceived by his lies.

 As time progresses, there will be fewer and fewer “fence sitters”….

 people will be drawn by the Holy Spirit, or by satan…..the spirit

 world will be more and more prevalent in the events of the world.

 I cannot emphasize enough, how the Lord is impressing on me, and

 others, that we need to be “on our knees,” and sharpen

 our spirits to hear from God to receive direction for the times to

 come. Of course, we cannot hear from God unless we have accepted

 Jesus Christ into our hearts as Lord, and devoted and submitted our

 entire beings and lives to Him (see “What Is A Christian?”

 The Word promises the “latter rain” of the Holy Spirit. Just as evil will abound more and more, so the Holy Spirit will speak to the spirits

 of more and more people, teaching us and giving us strength and wisdom to know what to do when the decisions are forced upon us.

 We have to develop our spirits and minds to hear His “still, small voice”.

 This doesn’t happen overnight, and it doesn’t happen at all until we

 are saved…..until we consciously ask Jesus Christ to live within us,

 and submit our entire lives to Him.

 As we read the Word, listen to knowledgeable and Godly people, and

 “Keep our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith” (Hebrews 12:2)

 pray, pouring our hearts out to the Lord….honestly telling Him every

 thought we have, and confess ALL of our sins….doing these things

 every minute of every day (yes, that can be done….I explain that in

 my blog “What Is a Christian?”), then our minds will be trained

 to comprehend what our spirits are receiving from the Holy Spirit.

 In the End Times, when all the devoted Children of God are able

 to listen to the Holy Spirit, we will be on one mind….we will know

 what is happening and what to do.

 This will separate the true believers from the ones who are pretending.

 Remember, in the spirit world, time and space are irrelevant, so we

 will be able to communicate and be of one mind with other believers

 when the Holy Spirit is pouring out His power….in the time when it

 is needed.

 So, we need not fear the end times. The Word says that the anti-christ

 will deceive “if it were possible”…even the Elect (saved people)…so,

 The Holy Spirit won’t let people who are totally devoted to Our Lord

 be deceived.






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