Introduction to God’s View of Abuse

FIRST OF ALL….I want to make PERFECTLY CLEAR that if you are in a physically dangerous situation  GET TO A SAFE PLACE!!!  God doesn’t want you or your children to stay in a situation like that.   The things I address in these messages are for verbal abuse only, and should not be interpreted to mean that you should stay in a dangerous place.   Get to a woman’s shelter, or call the police department for emergency placement if there is ANY CHANCE OF PHYSICAL INJURY. 


I knew for over fifteen years that I would be helping people that

 have been abused. I believe that time has come in the form of being

 a part of Lovesong Christian Church’s website.

 I thank the Lord for the fulfillment of a promise made long ago, and

 the reality of many people receiving peace and fulfillment from the Lord in a chaotic situation.

 I had envisioned people writing to me personally, and being able

 to pray for and with them, but after reading your comments, I

 see that most people would rather read a general Word, and then

 pray for themselves. I can certainly relate to that, since that’s

 the way I was during that time, (still am) and there is certainly nothing

 wrong with that. In fact, the very nature of a situation like

 that makes a solitary relationship with the Lord even more

 accessible and valuable.

 But, please, feel free to write me also….I would love to “talk” with you.

 I am assuming that the reader is a born again believer of Jesus Christ. Going to church, praying, Bible reading, or being a very good and generous person, do not make you a Christian. See my blog, “What

 Is a Christian?” if you are not sure if you are saved.

 Of course, you are welcome to read  if you aren’t, but my

 language and approach will be much more understandable, and,

 you would then have the relationship with the Lord that

 will allow Him to work in your life.

So, I pray that the Lord will give me the words that

will lead you down the path where He can meet you in your individual

 Situations, and transform your lives.

 At this point, I don’t know what words He will give for you.

 But I know there will be love and peace for your hearts.

 I will write when He tells me to, so it may be often or not, its

 up to Him. I promise you this: I never write anything on my

 blogs unless I know for sure He is giving me the words. It has

 to pass all the tests. None of my blogs are my opinion. They are Our Lord’s Words to those who are open to hear from Him.

 So, stay tuned in our new folder, “Resting in the Arms of Jesus”

 which will address the subject of abuse. God bless!!






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