What Is A Christian?


In the beginning, God was alone, because He always was, and always will be. No time existed…only endless back, and endless forward. This is

impossible for us to understand, because we are

limited. Try to think endless back….you’ll always come to some end….


No matter how far back, its farther back still…..we can’t imagine or

understand that.


Same with endless forward…..keep going, and going, and going, and it

will never end….Our minds were made within time. Everything that

we know of has had a beginning and will have an end. God is the only


Entity without boundaries.


Without boundaries…there’s another one to try to grasp. Everything

has a boundary in this world….in our imaginations. Boundaries are

like beginnings and endings….they are everywhere.


Since God has no boundary, and the Word says, that God is love…


(1John 4:8), then Love has no boundaries, and is everlasting, just

like God. The Word also says many times that God’s Love for us

is so great….in fact, we can’t escape it if we wanted to.


Read the following verses and think about the words:


Romans 8:38 &39


“For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor

principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor

height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us

from the Love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”


Try to let those magnificently powerful words enter your mind in depth.

those two verses alone, (not to mention the hundreds of others in the


Word that show the Love of God for us)….but, just taking these two

alone…………….what do they do?


They take away our boundaries!!!!! They take away the chains that

lock us into time……..think about this…….God is Love, and He gives


Love to us….not just a part of it….not just for a short time…..but


ALL of it….for all time…..eternity past and eternity future, with NO




Pray for God to show you the immensity of that!!!


He gives HIMSELF in the form of Love to us, if we will accept it…and

nothing and nobody can take that Love away.


All the power and wisdom of the omniscient and omnipresent and omnipotent God is offered to us!!!


All the power that spoke the universe, galaxies, solar systems into existence is offered to us!!!! All that power wants to live IN US!!!


All the wisdom that created the laws of the universe…..and BEYOND

the universe…(remember, no boundaries)….beyond that yet….


The power that created gravity, laws of physics, the earth, atmosphere and

laws of nature….all offered to us!!!


The love for creatures, and infinite wisdom Who created all living

things, and the infinitely perfect chemical reactions that take place

in them to make them function….human, plant, animal,….scientists

are finding more and more absolutely amazing things that go on

within any living body……we never will know or understand it all, and

yet, it is all offered to US!!!!….That should blow the top of your head

off when you comprehend it!!!!!


The Book of Genesis tells us that we are created in His image…..


(the image of the Trinity…Father, Son and Holy Spirit)

and He breathed His breath of life into Adam’s nostrils.


OHHHH…to think of feeling the breath of the Eternal and all Mighty




Adam walked with God……He knew God in a different way than

we do. We yearn to walk with God in the “cool of the day”, as the Bible

says Adam did, but, we have an advantage Adam did not have.


We can have God IN US, and Adam never could. Adam had to wait

foor God to find him, and he wasn’t always with Him. But, having


Offered us Himself, which is Love, we have God with us every moment of our Christian lives. OHHHH what a thought that is!!!! We need

not ever be alone again….nothing can separate us from the Love of


God, because He can be within our spirits.


When God created man, He created us with three parts, Spirit, Mind


And Body.


The mind is our brain, emotions, desires, and temperament.


Our body is our physical body, and our spirit is that part of us that

will live forever….either in hell, or in heaven. Our spirits are eternal,

because God breathed into Man at creation. We weren’t always in

existence in the past, but we will be in existence forever in the future.



But, now, the question is this: WHERE do you want to exist forever?

The Bible says

that those who die without accepting Jesus Christ as their saviour

will spend eternity in hell, with the devil and his angels, while those

who accepted Jesus Christ will live forever with Him.  Let me tell

you why this is so…..

 Remember, I said that God is without boundaries? Actually, there is

one exception to that. He chose to put boundaries around Himself

in one area. It was His choice, that He made out of the Love that

Makes up His being.

He chose not to go against your will. He gives all human beings

free choice. We are free to choose our eternal home.

If we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour, then He enters our

Spirits and becomes an intimate part of our lives. Therefore, we will

spend eternity with Him. We cannot go to hell because God and His

Love cannot exist there, and they are already within our spirits after


But, those who haven’t submitted their lives to Christ are ignoring His

invitation, and that is their free choice. He will try to make them

understand. The Holy Spirit will try to convince them, and send

Christians to try to show them, but, in the end, if they choose not

to make that decision, God doesn’t punish them. He gave them

free choice. If he punished them for that choice, He would be a

Hypocrit, and since He is perfectly good, that can’t be true.

No, it grieves Him so greatly…..I can feel a small part of that

grief (a small part because I’m finite) when I see people refuse

His Great Love for them. But, even with the tremendous pain

He feels, He can do nothing for them. He loves people so much

that He has put a boundary around Himself which pains Him

more than we will ever know, but He cannot go beyond that

boundary, so, without Jesus Christ in their hearts, they cannot

enter heaven, because they have rejected Him, and in so doing,

they have lost their capacity to embrace Him, and being with

Him would be painful for them, for they will realize their mistake

and the pain would be too much for them.

This is what the demons feel. Before Creation, Satan rebelled

against God because he was envious and prideful, and wanted

the worship that was given to God. Satan and his demons cannot

stand to hear people praising God,  They also know they made

a mistake, but it is too late. Hatred and sin have taken over

and they cannot go back. Any created creature is imperfect,

and where there is imperfection, there is  evil. We

all sin…..the Word says that “there is none good, no, not one”


Psalm 14:3 “they are all gone aside, they are all together filthy. There is

None that doeth good, no not one.”

Psalm 53:2-4 They are all gone out of the way, they are together become

Unprofitable; there is none that doeth good, no not one

And the whole chapter of Romans 3.

We need to compare ourselves to God, not to other people.

When we do that, we see that we are filthy.

There is no hope for any of us to enter the Throne Room of Almighty

God!!!! How absurd that is!!!!

And without Jesus in our Hearts and the Holy Spirit in us, that would

be our fate for eternity, but with the indwelling Spirit, we have God

and God cannot deny Himself.

2Timothy 2:13 “If we believe not, yet He abideth faithful: He cannot

deny Himself.”

Just as God willingly put Himself inside boundaries to give us free

choice, He also put Himself inside boundaries to bring imperfect

creatures to a perfect place because He is in them!!!!!

Our home is with our indwelling Saviour after we’re saved, and

the unsaved have made their choice to live without Him. He doesn’t

“put” them in hell, it is the natural course of things….of imperfect

creatures without the infinite Love within them.

As created creatures, we will continue to sin, but the beauty of our

salvation is that we can have constant communication with our Saviour

and our Creator anytime we want!!!!

So, the minute we sin, or as soon as possible after, we need to confess

that sin, and thank Him for the forgiveness He always gives, but

He also gives us the grace to overcome the temptation to sin.

He will change our hearts in time. The more time we spend in

His presence, the more we will change to be like Him.

Even if we are set in our ways,  He can and will get through our

hard cores IF we genuinely want Him to, but He won’t force us….He won’t go

against our will, and eventually, if we keep refusing to let Him change us, he

will give up on us, and we will miss soooooo much!!!!

Therein is the false thinking, especially in our society today. A lot of

People think they are saved because they attended a rally, church service, or TV service where they repeated a prayer someone said.

This is a beginning, but it doesn’t get you saved.

Those are just words. No one but God and you know what your

heart really feels after and during those words. You can be saved

with no words, and you can be saved without knowing Scripture

at all. That’s what’s so beautiful about Our Lord. He knows

our hearts and minds even before we’re saved. He knew us before

we were born, and He loved us then. Its His desire that every person

be saved and live with Him, and that’s why His heart is so broken when

some chose the other path.

The real test of sincerity is our lives AFTER the prayer. A true Christian changes his whole attitude after salvation. Whereas before,

he was seeking his own happiness, now he seeks

and yearns for only the will of God.

As God works in our hearts, we are consumed with Him and His will

for us and our loved ones. He will bring us to the point where He is

the All in All, and we see our loved ones from the eternal prospective,

and would want God’s will for them even if it causes them pain in this

life. This life is temporary, but eternity with Our Saviour is forever.

We should be speaking in our hearts and minds (while developing our

Spirits) to God every chance we get, and when we can’t, our spirits

are communicating with the Holy Spirit,   Romans 8:26 says:
“Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered”.
 so when Paul says to pray

unceasingly, he means it. We really can.

We should be constantly aware of God’s presence inside and outside

of us, and walk with Him….We will grow to “see” His loving face

smiling at us as we go about our tasks, and know that He will bring

growth to our faith and change us into what He wants us to be.

A Christian has a one track mind, and everything else is on the sideline.

The Christian walk is much more than a prayer and a church pew every Sunday.

A true Christian should be so consumed with His Lord that this world pales

by comparison, and our primary goal is to be changed into His image…..nothing

else should even come close to our hunger for His Word and His Presence in our lives.   If these things aren’t true about you, you need to re-consider whether you have really made the decision for Christ.   Jesus said to consider the cost.  He said the road is narrow, and few find it…..It is not a decision to take lightly and go about your life as you did before.   A true decision for Christ will transform your life, and you will never be the same….Salvation is free, because Christ took the punishment for our sins, but the Christian walk is not free…there is a cost, and Jesus told us plainly that there is…..we may be persecuted, and we must be strong enough to stand for Christ, and we most certainly WILL be changed….sometimes it is very difficult to let that change come.   Sometimes our situations call for a reaction, and we are obligated to let God show us the reaction He wants us to have. 

Obedience is a very important part of our walk with God.   Without immediate and joyful obedience, He cannot do the growing and changing He needs to do to us.

Being a lump of clay in the Almighty’s hand is a painful, yet joyful thing.   We may not even see the joy in this life, but we most certainly will see it in our eternal life.










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