God’s Bride


I was thinking about how I’m not like lots of other people.

 I can’t talk in front of people, I can’t sing, and I’m too

 shy to step up to someone and start a conversation.

 God has other people who can do those things, surely He

 loves them more.

 But then He showed me about His love for His children….

 No….for His bride!!!!

 In the beginning, God was the only entity who didn’t

 have a partner. Every animal, even Man, had his “bride”….

 But not God.

He had taken a part of Adam out to make

 a bride for him, but God was still alone.

 So God took a part of Himself and made His bride.

 His bride is those people who would open

 their hearts to Him. He gave of Himself, just as

 He had done with Adam…..His bride consists of

  parts of Himself!!!!! The Word says that God cannot

 deny Himself…  (2Timothy 2:13)  .He can’t NOT love the parts of

 Himself….It doesn’t matter what our talents (or lack

 of) are….He only cares that our heart is available to

 connect with His heart so He can be one….with

 His bride!!!! We are each a tiny cell of His body….

 a part of a cell, even….but He loves each of us because

 we are a part of Him!!!!!

 I can’t wait for the Wedding Supper of the Lamb!!!!! (Rev. 19:9)

  Ask Him to make this concept real to you….to show

 you in your own personal way…..It will change your

 relationship with Him, I promise!!!

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