Absolutely Magnificent!!!!!!

I read of a rather recent discovery, that is quite lengthly to tell, but I’ll make it short.

It was the discovery of the Ark of the Covenant and the Mercy Seat, which were always in the Holy of Holies in the temple
of the Old Testament Israelites. They were the dwelling place of God in the temple, and no one went into the Holy of Holies except the HIgh Priest, and that, only once a year to sprinkle blood on the Mercy Seat from the sacrificial Lamb, for the sins of all the people.

When Jerusalem was sieged and taken over by the Babylonians, God told Jeremiah the Prophet to hide the Ark in a cave just outside the city, so the enemies couldn’t get it……But God had another reason also.

As the years passed, that area was covered up, built over, etc. and no one knew it was under there except Jeremiah, and,
of course he was dead.

When the time was fulfilled for Jesus to be the sacrifice for our sins, He was taken outside the city because it was the annual Passover time. He was taken to the Place of the Skull, or Golgotha.

Directly underneath the place where His cross stood, is the buried ARK OF THE COVENANT, AND THE MERCY SEAT!!!!!!

Do you know what this means? It means that God made it so clear to the Jewish people, as well as the Gentiles, that He unquestionably IS the MESSIAH of the Jewish people!!!!

There was an earthquake when He died, and it created a crack in the rock underneath His cross!!!!! HIS BLOOD trickled down that crack 2,000 years ago, and sprinkled down onto the MERCY SEAT!!!!!

The Word tells us that Jesus is both the High Priest AND the Lamb of God, who died for the sins of the world.
Not only did He sprinkle His blood on the original Mercy Seat in heaven, but also on the earthly replica!!!!

Only God could orchestrate all that,!!!!

This is phenomenol discovery for us Gentile Christians, but it is absolutely LIFE CHANGING for the Jewish people!!!!
Jesus IS the Lamb of God, and He proved it by sacrificing Himself on the Temple alter!!!!

The location of the Ark won’t be shown until the time is fulfilled for the Jewish people. Then they will see and accept their Messiah!!!!!

Praise be to Our Mighty God!!!!! It is so awsome how He makes every detail come out perfectly….in Creation, and in the Great Plan of Salvation!!!!!

Glory to God!!!!!

This is truly a fantastic thing…..God makes every detail perfect in everything He does!!!!!

He is still doing things like this….still working out His Plan of Redemption for us….and He uses each of us in
small ways to orchestrate all that.

Many times, we don’t know we’re being used. In this life, we may never know how many times the Lord is using
us in seemingly ordinary things, to bring it all together into something fantastic!!!!

When the Lord told Jeremiah to quickly hide the Ark of the Covenant in the cave, he had no idea what it was
for, other than to keep it safe from the enemies.
But there was a much greater plan in the Mind of God!!!!!

As God is still producing miracles….saving people….healing people…..bringing people into a closer relationship to Him,
He is still using us in ways we don’t know…..and, sometimes we do know.

By this we can see how necessary it is for us to be in close communication with the Lord all day. As we develop our
spirits to hear Him, we can be communicating with Him when we’re doing our necessary work throughout the day.
Even when our minds are on other things.

In this way, He can show our spirits what to do for His plan.

If we’re not focused on Him, we can miss many opportunities.

What if Jeremiah wasn’t listening? What if he would have found a “better place”, and put it there? Think of the consequences. God would have found someone else to do it, because His Plans never fail, but Jeremiah would have missed out on Great blessings and closeness to the Lord.
He would have grieved the Lord, as we grieve the Spirit when we don’t obey the Lord.

So, we have to make obedience to God our primary focus in life, because we never know when what we are doing right now was prompted by the Spirit, and will bring someone to Salvation or blessings from Our Lord!!!

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