Jesus and Moses….and Us

Did you ever think of Moses as a type of Christ?

That, in a worldly sense, and of course, very “miniature” sense, but there are similarities.

Moses was, by God’s grace, one of the elite citizenry. He was adopted as an Egyptian. So far was
his situation above the lowly Hebrew slaves!!!! He was the Pharoah’s Grandson!!!! You don’t get in a
much finer situation than that in this world!!!!!

But, he chose to identify with the Hebrews….the lowest class of people in Egypt…..He came down
to their “level” by his own choice, as Christ, the Lord of Lords, and King of Kings, the Alpha and
Omega, God Almighty, ……chose to come down to the lowly situation of becoming flesh!!!!!

And while in their situations, …choosing to lower themselves to save the lower class, they were
not appreciated, nor even accepted… fact, the people, in both cases, turned against them.

Moses’ people murmured against him, and even his sister and brother spoke against him.
Of course, in the Father’s plan for our salvation, Christ took incomprehensible suffering for us.

We should ask ourselves, would we, if the situation arose in our lives,…..”lower” ourselves
and identify with others…..take abuse, possibly in our personal relationships, to further the cause of the gospel?

Are we willing to refrain from vindicating ourselves in a false accusation, or even take punishment for something
we did not do?

There are many parallels in the Bible…many pictures the Lord shows us, if we read with a prayerful heart.

What are some of the things the Lord has shown you in your quiet times with Him?

We can all benefit from sharing His love and wisdom.

God Bless you and yours

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