Beautiful Poem About the Indwelling Christ

I ran across this anonymous poem, and it is too beautiful not to share: Please comment if these beautiful words move
you also…

The Lord is in His Holy house
Oh Grace beyond describing,
That Christ in me should please to dwell—-
Immanuel residing!!!!!
“My soul doth magnify the Lord”
I sing with lowly Mary
That God should choose to enter in
This humble sanctuary.

Not now in little Bethlehem
As in the tender story,
Not now upon a mercy seat,
The bright Shekinah glory,
But in the body of His saint
He maketh His residing,
Both He in me and I in Him
In fellowship abiding.

Within my heart a burning bush,
Within, a mountain smoking:
This flesh of mine a temple veil,
The wondrous Presence cloaking;
Within this broken earthenware
A high and holy treasure:
Oh, mystery of mysteries!!
Oh, grace beyond all measure!!!

“The Lord is in His Holy house”
Mysterious habitation!!
I feel His presence here within
And offer my oblation.
Keep burning, incense of my soul!
Keep cleansing me, O Laver!
I want to serve and praise my God
Forever and forever!!!

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