The Glory Of GOD (Part 25)

1 Corinthians 11:7-12
A man should not wear anything on his head when worshiping, for man is made in GOD’s Image and reflects GOD’s Glory. And woman reflects man’s glory. For the first man didn’t come from woman, but the first woman came from man. And man was not made for woman, but woman was made for man. For this reason, and because the angels are watching, a woman should wear a covering on her head when worshipping to show that she is under authority. But among The Lord’s People, women are not independent of men, and men are not independent of women. For although the first woman came from man, every other man was born from a woman, but everything comes from GOD.

2 Corinthians 3:7-11,17-18
The old way, with laws etched in stone, led to death, though it began with such Glory that the people of Israel could not bear to look at Moses’ face. For his face shone with The Glory Of God, even though the brightness was already fading away. Shouldn’t we expect far greater Glory under the New Way, now that The HOLY SPIRIT Is Giving Life? If the old way, which brings condemnation, was glorious, how much more Glorious is the New Way, which makes us right with GOD! In fact, that first Glory was not glorious at all compared with the overwhelming Glory of the New Way. So if the old way, which Has Been Replaced, was glorious, how much more glorious is the New, Which Remains Forever!
The Lord Is Spirit, and wherever The SPIRIT Of The Lord Is, there is Freedom. So all of us who have had that veil Removed can see and reflect The Glory Of The Lord. And The Lord — Who Is Spirit — Makes us more and more like Him as we are Changed into His Glorious Image.

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