Grace Working Through Faith

“Paul wrote that grace saved us ‘through faith’ (Ephesians 2:8). Faith unlocks the power of grace and releases it to function in our hearts — and faith itself is another gift of God. The difference between both gifts is, the grace-gift must be activated by the faith-gift. We must believe that God is ‘rich in mercy.’ We must accept as true that God loves us with ‘great love.’ We must not doubt that He atoned for ‘our transgressions.’ We must be confident we are ‘alive together with Christ.’ Grace works through faith. Believing the words of grace unlocks the power of grace”. – by  Francis Frangipane  Francis Frangipane

Simultaneously, when we exercise our Faith, The Gift Of Healing is also “Quickened” (Made Active) within us, allowing us to appropriate GOD’s Power over sickness and disease.  -revrob-

This is an excerpt from the book Divine Healing Made Simple by David N Joseph

“Healing is the subject of much debate, both inside and outside the church. There are many skeptics who challenge the validity of divine healing. Some doubt healing itself, insisting that there is no clinical evidence demonstrating that healing is a real phenomenon. Others challenge the idea of healing as a biblical principle that is valid for today. In this chapter we’ll survey some of the most relevant passages of Scripture that show that healing is not only relevant today, but is a biblical imperative.”

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