“Thy Maker is Thine Husband.”


Isaiah 54:5: “Thy Maker is thine Husband.”

 The God of the Universe, the Creator of all things, and the Creator of YOU…..stays with you through your whole life, and supports and loves you as a husband.   The word husband means a nurturer, supporter, protector and lover. Your God created you so that He could enjoy being all those things for YOU.

 This is an awesome promise!!    Just stop to think about how powerful those few words are.   

 Why did God make creation the way He did? He could have had reproduction occur without male and female, so why did He do it the way He did?

I believe He did it because He wanted a little bit of His love to be felt in our lowly lives. He created humans as male and female, to be united in marriage, under His loving eye.

 There are many facets to His development of this concept —one being that His people are His Bride (see my blog on the Bride of Christ)   The other is the miniature of that union in the household, as the Word tells us in several places, the husband should be the  provider, and protector of his wife and children  But, the sad fact is, that in many households, for one reason or another, the husband falls short of that, …(.not to diminish the fact that wives, also, fall short of their duties, but my point is made about the husbands for purposes of this piece)

 The hardest to endure is when the husband CHOOSES not to do his duties that the Bible commands for a husband. This could include providing financially, emotionally, or spiritually, it could also mean emotional abuse (I purposely stop short of dealing with physical abuse because that should be reported and dealt with professionally).

 Its hard for us to go through life taking on the burdens that should be carried by our husbands. We not only do their jobs, many times, but we seem to be “roped into” setting up things to protect them as well. This is extremely frustrating to say the least, and I have been there for many years.

 While we know the concept of loving him through it all, looking for the best in him, and being the best wife, no matter what, these things are humanly impossible to do ourselves.  We know we should love with the love the Bible speaks of, but how do we see through the tears of low self esteem?  How do we love through the pain of abuse?   We do this by leaning on our Husband, Jesus.  He will hold us up within ourselves and allow us to see others through His eyes and love them with His love as we relish the Love WE receive secretly from Him!!!!!

 Only God can instill in us the right frame of mind to endure these things…..even to the point of showing the Joy of the Lord in the midst of it!!!

 One way He does this is through the verse in Isaiah quoted above. As we go to Him in prayer and fellowship, He will show us how He will fill the gaps where our husbands fall short.

 For instance, through the years, I have seen Him provide financially many times…….sustaining us even though the money wasn’t there.

 Emotionally and Spiritually, He is infinitely there for us!!!!!   All the love that our husbands don’t show, all the encouragement that they don’t give us, all the gratitude for our ‘going the extra mile’…..Our REAL husband gives us!!!!!

   He will call us Princess, because, if we have truly accepted Him as our personal Lord and Saviour, that is what we are…..daughters of the King, with the Prince of Peace as our Husband!!!!!

He has a unique and personal relationship with each of us, sharing things that only we can share.   Whatever pieces are missing in our earthly marriage, our heavenly one is complete!!!

 He is as close as our mind and soul will let Him be!!!!!

 When my husband got very hard to endure, I would, internally, wink at Jesus and know that He was giving me strength. He’d smile at me.

 Take some time to think about the simple verse in Isaiah, “Thy Maker is thy Husband”…. and let Him show you what a wonderful Husband He is for you!!!!!


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